The New Normal Concerns of Businesses Before Choosing an Office Space!

The pandemic has drastically changed the way people think about office spaces and the concerns they have. Earlier it was all about the amenities and accessibility, but now it is all about hygiene and social distancing and the New Normal Norms that matter the most.

Here are some questions organizations need to ask before making that all-important decision:

Has the working environment been re-designed to facilitate social distancing?

Before the onslaught of COVID-19, open plan and shared offices were more in evidence. But now there is a change in approach. As office spaces in Navi Mumbai show, there is a trend towards compact individual office spaces rather than large offices that accommodate the whole team. They offer flexible office solutions, depending on the needs of individual clients. The reception area, meeting, and conference rooms have also been redesigned to allow for the one-meter or more distance between seats.

What extra precautions are being taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees?

With the easing of restrictions, many people are returning to the office. When choosing office space, organizations are concerned about the safety of their employees and whether the risk of infection has been minimized. Office spaces in Fort, Mumbai give clients the assurance they need. They have put strict protocols in place. Everyone who enters is temperature-checked and masks are mandatory. (Extra masks and gloves are made available as required.) Space is sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day. Counters are wiped clean. Hand sanitizers are within easy reach. Extra care is taken to keep shared toilets spotlessly clean and hygienic.

What provisions have been made for virtual meetings?

Many employees are still working from home or coming to the office at staggered times. Organizations now need to hold more virtual meetings. Shared office spaces in Navi Mumbai are geared for this requirement. They have a fully-equipped conference and meeting rooms backed by a technical team. 24x7connectivity is guaranteed. Every endeavor is made to meet a client’s individual needs –whether it is for screening videos, showing graphics, and other slides. The business center in which the office space is located has the experience and expertise to ensure that every detail is taken care of to enable virtual meetings to take place without any glitches.

What measures are being taken to keep shared items hygienic?

Computers, telephones, desks and counters, switches, etc. –these are items that many people may touch across the day.  Office spaces in Fort, Mumbai take extra precautionary measures to keep all equipment and surfaces disinfected. There is a dedicated team for this task. Clients can also ask for any additional protection they may need. Wearing gloves is advised and a fresh supply is always available.

What is your contingency plan in case of a suspected infection?

The best measures are not completely foolproof and it is wise to have a contingency plan. Shared office spaces in Navi Mumbai, office spaces in Fort, Mumbai, or Navi Mumbai are diligent about monitoring procedures and keeping contact details of all visitors in case contact tracing becomes necessary. These office spaces also have isolation rooms kept in readiness to which a person can be transferred even if mild symptoms are detected. Medical personnel is on call to take any further action needed.

Keeping workspaces infection-free is a collaborative task. Clients and employees have to work in conjunction with the office space staff to ensure that there is no risk of infection. This makes for peace of mind, so important to achieve productivity and return to pre-COVID norms in the shortest time possible.

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