The perks of having a shared office

The moment you listen “perks”, ‘fringe benefits’ or ‘incidental gain’ as an employee or as a customer is something that might run through your mind, right? It has to be that way because ‘perks’ indeed are added compensation for doing something extra or adding value to the business or a free gift for making a purchase.

Perks, especially for employees, no matter small are rightfully earned for rendering extra services. They promote self-confidence and the zeal to perform more. And the cycle goes on.

Although related to office space but wonder not, we aren’t going to talk about employee appraisals, human resources, or tricks to increase customer base. We are going to share with you top 4 perks of having a shared office.

The concept of shared office is growing very popular, especially due to the perks companies, startups are reaping. But what it is that is making the concept so popular among freelancers, startups, small and medium businesses shift from the rented offices to the shared working environment? We said it earlier, ‘PERKS’ it is. Here are top 4 perks.

  • Affordable: Setting up a new office or renting one with necessary furnishings can be a costly and time-consuming affair. Shared office spaces, on the other hand, free you from the burden of furnishing. Plus, shared office spaces offer affordable plans which also include essential services such as an uninterrupted internet, printing facilities, and phone services.

  • IT Infrastructure: With a small budget, conducting business as well as paying for IT services can be tough for small businesses and startups. Shared office spaces offer on-site and dedicated IT support. On-site tech support assists businesses to start work quickly and function smoothly. Moreover, the influence of other occupants works in favor of ensuring technical support works efficiently and on time.

  • Networking: It goes without saying, a shared office space is known to create a collaborative environment of skilled professionals from different fields and industries. This creates a positive impact on new businesses and startups since it allows them to network, connect, and coordinate with people from varied backgrounds.

  • Productivity: In contrast to the traditional office, where the atmosphere is a mix of enthusiasm and lethargy, shared office spaces consist thriving work environment and are full of energy which helps occupants to focus on their work amidst increased productivity.

The above 4 perks are flexible, streamlined, and designed to meet the needs of small businesses and startups. Shared offices allow businesses to comply with professional models while keeping costs down. If you haven’t yet considered switching over to a shared office, today might be the right day to take the first step toward making it happen.

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