The smart way to get on the fast track to growth


Many business people are quick to generate ideas but slow to turn them into reality. How can you accelerate the process of scaling up without overloading your team? Here are some tried-and-tested ways:

Small is beautiful
There are many benefits of running a small, tight ship.  It enables you to be more flexible and agile compared to large teams that spend hours just finding the right time to meet everyone concerned and when they do meet discussions go on and on. Stay small and focused and you will find that you can do big things with a small team.

Walk the talk
Get out of your office and explore the neighbourhood. Act like a reporter; walk the talk. Meet potential customers, suppliers, shopkeepers. There’s nothing to beat the personal touch.

Use the right data
For a company that’s still in the process of learning about itself, it’s not always the best idea to use sales data as the definitive measure of success. First focus on your employees’ learning and comprehension of the company’s business. Make sure you employees are thoroughly grounded and pointed in the right direction and the sales graph will begin to climb.

Experience counts
Experience is one thing a start-up doesn’t have and it is invaluable to avoid costly mistakes in the early stages when you are just finding your way. It is essential to consult with people who have already begun start-ups and know the pitfalls – otherwise your company might start out sluggishly. Get a group of your smartest friends and ask them to rate your idea. From the springboard of experience they might be able to find solutions and save you a lot of time, money and anxiety.

Time is money
Do a thorough study of how much time is spent preparing for organizational meetings versus meeting with customers, developing products and connections. If the ratio is higher than 1:3, you are slowing yourself down and things need to change.

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