There’s nothing to equal the joy of starting your own business and seeing it take off. What you need is a great idea and the ability to work really hard. Here are some stellar business ideas to get you thinking. The hard work is up to you so before you decide to start out on your own, make that commitment to hard work. Most of these ideas do not need a great deal of investment in terms of money but you do need to make that all-important investment of time.


Career coaching If you have a knack for training, why not help people find the right career match? Actually it is something like matchmaking. You take people’s skills and talents and match them with the requirements of a job. You advise them on the extra skills and experience they may need to acquire to fit the bill. You need to be a friend, philosopher and guide to succeed in this business.

Online retail consultant If you are an online buff, this could be just the right business for you. You can help people turn their online businesses into successes. You can advise sellers on how to improve their product pitches, take better product photos and write better product descriptions. You can also advise your clients on how to use social media effectively.

Personal Shopper Do you like shopping? Do you have an eye for good value? You can help busy people by doing their shopping for them. You might turn out to be an invaluable asset and if you show results, you can be sure you’ll get more clients by word-of-mouth.

Trash Makeovers There’s a germ of a great business idea in turning trash into something of value. If you are an artist or just have a knack for crafts, try turning items that would otherwise be thrown away into useful and attractive products. You’ll find many buyers at those art and craft fairs or you can offer them on your website.

Event planner Event planning is big business but you can enter it by focusing on small events where your personal involvement can stand out. People are looking for someone who can organize parties and look after all the small details that make for a successful event. Give exciting and original ideas, make sure they are perfectly executed …and you’ll be on your way.

Errand Service Busy people would love to have someone they can rely on to do a host of errands from paying bills on time to picking up the laundry or going to the supermarket with a grocery list. You should be able to say, “Leave it to me” and must deliver results. That way you will be indispensable and can command a good price for your service.

Computer Maintenance With the number of laptops, tablets and PCs on the rise, there’s a need for people who know computers and can look after maintenance and repairs on a regular basis. You should be available in emergencies and be the Mr. or Ms. Fix-it. It can be a rewarding business.

Cost-Cutter If you have an eye for detail, you could make your services available to check items on bills, going over them with a fine toothcomb. You are bound to find areas where costs can be cut . This is a service that will be appreciated. You need to be meticulous and painstaking but if you can prove your worth to your client and show results – you will soon have a roster of clients wanting your brand of service.

These are just a few examples to show that you can turn your idea into a successful enterprise. Think of an area where there are not many players. Think of an unmet need and put everything you have into meeting it. Yes, there’s a successful entrepreneur in you.

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