Those Effective Interiors at a Workplace

How to increase the impact of a workplace’s look/feel which influences the overall motivation, attitude and commitment of an employee towards his organization — we work on a few key principles that can make all the difference when creating one effective workplace:

The first impression
Upon entering your workplace, what does the layout and design impress upon you, your colleagues and your clients? It can really determine the outlook for the day, the meeting, the pitch and all aspects of the staff’s outlook. Walk through your reception/holding area with a fresh pair of eyes and ask yourself ‘would I want to work/do business here?’

TIP — Make a holding area or reception shout a message, use digital print wallpaper to connect with your brand, create a “WOW factor” reception desk.

What does the Meeting Space say to you?
Creative meeting spaces can really inspire your meeting topics, and the design can help set the right tone e.g. creative or formal.  Higher ceilings, work walls and lighter/brighter colours help inspire creative thinking; darker tones, veneer and structured fabrics help create a more formal tone. Think ‘what do we want from our meeting spaces?’

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