Top 5 Things for Student Entrepreneurs

  1. Get off campus – Participate in a local startup environment where this a lot happening. Start with popular social networking websites to build – Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube.
  2. Your Lucky! – Just consider yourselves lucky. You are much better equipped to launch startups — there is an exceptional amount of information available at your disposal than what was available say about even a decade ago. Quora, venturehacks, Twitter, etc. are your source of information & transparency for the win!
  3. You’re the Youth – Yeah, youth! Use it as an asset. You are young enough to learn anything you need to learn to equip yourself to succeed. You’re the best among the lot to learn and adapt to consumer demands in the future than your older counterparts. You think they could completely grasp the whole internet thing better then you? Hustle and creativity often beat experience.
  4. Build whatever possible – Anything. Something. Especially if it’s the first time you are trying to launch an entrepreneurial endeavor (an adventure to be honest). Do not pause. You might fail. Might. But you want your first shot to happen early – making all your future shots better. It’ll remove the fear of failure from your psyche.
  5. Authenticity works – Perhaps the best piece of advice for students. Remember the phrase when you are nervous or intimidated about an interaction (say an interview or a business deal, fundraising, etc). Be honest about the problems you are trying to solve and the way you interact with people. Honesty & authenticity always the best working tools.

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