Virtual Office Life after Lockdown – What to Expect?

As we take uncertain steps in the not-so-brave new world after the lockdown, a ‘new normal’ will become commonplace. Offices will, by and large, not return to the pre-COVID 19 era. There will be a complete change in look and feel. Seating will be redefined to conform to social distancing norms, so there will be far fewer people insight. Shift-based work, or staggered working hours, may be introduced. And the biggest change of all: more and more people will be working from home.

The WFM –work from home – scenario will most certainly lead to a surge in the demand for virtual offices which enable you to work from home – or anywhere else –and yet access the services and facilities of an office when you need them. In fact, having a virtual office will be the ideal solution in the current situation. The concept has been around for several years but it has never been more relevant.

Many businesses are already in the survival mode because of the pandemic. Infusion of capital in running the business is not a viable option in these times. And that’s where a virtual office fits the bill. It means having an office without actually having one –and saving a lot of money in the bargain. To begin with, you save the cost of commuting to the office (not to mention the time). Then, you don’t have to put down money on buying or leasing office space, which would make a big hole in an already-stretched budget. And you save a lot of money on infrastructure and running the office.

Depending on your needs, a virtual office offers many services and facilities as can be seen in a virtual office in Chennai or a virtual office in Bangalore. You can get a professional business address that adds to your credibility as well as your confidence. You can have a receptionist answering or making calls on your behalf and passing on messages to you. Your mail can be dealt with as per your instructions –it would be like having a personal secretary without having to pay a large salary for her services.
There will be times when you would need to be physically present in the office to see a client or hold a meeting. Then your virtual office in Chennai or Bangalore, for instance, would act as your personal office. Clients will be welcomed in an elegant lounge which will create the right impression about you. Want to hold a meeting? You can easily book a meeting room with the latest equipment and technical staff. Meeting rooms in Kolkata is an example of how meeting rooms can be re-configured for formal and informal meetings as well as for interviews and other purposes –and re-arranged to adhere to social distancing norms. You can also avail of administrative services such as courier and photocopying services as well as catering services. And, best of all, you pay only for the services you use.

Keeping post-lockdown requirements in mind, many business centers have added extra services to their virtual office plans to make them more attractive to businesses as well as individuals. Videoconferencing is often included as well as a larger menu of services and facilities to suit diverse needs.

A virtual office with its flexibility and technological support, and its cost-effectiveness, is becoming a necessity to the running of a business in post-COVID times …and even beyond.

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