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Can you imagine working from home in comfort and yet manage your business more efficiently or owning an office in the prime location of a city without you actually buying that property or taking a lease.

Virtual Office remains the best option to make a fledgling business successful, more professional and at a fraction of costs. Virtual Office provides address services and off site live communication and allows businesses to flourish. The other reason that one must opt for Virtual Office is that there are no long term contracts or other time consuming and unlimited paper work related to it as is with the traditional way.
When to go for a Virtual Office Plan ?
1.You work from home and need a business address: It is that you are working from your home but you want a office address in your visiting card to impress your clients.
2. You want to test a new market: Maybe you want to start a new business or you have a new product and can’t risk much capital in it, you can use our virtual office.
3. You have an office in the suburbs but need a presence in the commercial hub of the city: We provide professional addresses for your business.
4. You are constantly on the move, either traveling or busy with appointments and meetings.

DBS (Office Business Centers) is one of the pioneers of the concept of Virtual Offices.
Our Offices are located in prime locations across 6 cities in India,
• Mumbai (Fort and Nariman Point),
• Chennai (Cathedral Garden Rd),
• Bangalore (Cunningham Road),
• New Delhi (World Trade Towers Barakhamba Lane),
• Kolkata (Hungerford Street) and
• Hyderabad (Sardar Patel Road).

DBS provides these facilities to all the clients that is an Individual or a Small business group or even the big Corporates. In this very competitive world one must find a way to spend less and get the best.
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