What to Look for in a Shared Office

A shared office might be just the answer to your wishes, especially when you are starting out in business or are a small organization. What are the factors you should consider when choosing the shared office space that’s right for you?


The location is usually top of the list. The reason you are considering a shared office in the first place is that you want a good location in a prime business district. You want to be where the action is and not be tucked away in dismal and uninspiring space because that’s all you can afford. When you split the cost, all sorts of exciting possibilities open up. With a good business address, you are motivated to get your business growing. With a shared office space in Bangalore, for example, you get the benefit of a premium address without paying a premium price.


The rent represents a big chunk of your budget. Whether your business is flourishing or not, rent for office space needs to be paid. When you get a shared office, you share this cost. And that of other outgoings. Your budget becomes far more manageable. Shared office space in Mumbai means affordable rent in a city where office space comes at a high cost.

Greater productivity

Another factor to consider is productivity. After all, that’s what business is all about, isn’t it? Can you be more productive in a shared office? Going by the reports, the answer is “Yes”. The ambiance is conducive to creativity and productivity. There’s a kind of buzz in a shared office that is quite infectious. You want to get down to work immediately. Get shared office space in Delhi to experience how the ambiance actually helps increase productivity.

Professional support

The professional support you get needs to be looked at carefully. Is the place well managed and run?
Do you have all the facilities you need? Top of the list would, of course, be 24-hour wi-fi connectivity.
Check this out for yourself before moving in. Also, consider whether the furniture is inviting and the equipment, best in class? Things that are not visible are also important. Will you have a dedicated spot to work in? What about lockers for the storage of important documents? And, what facilities are available for tea, coffee, refreshments, snacks – even meals? When you go to inspect the space, ask yourself if you would really like to work there. A shared office space in Bangalore, you’ll find, scores on all these points.

Suitable for purpose – and purse

Shared office space is undoubtedly good for the bottom line. Choose the one that suits your purpose and your purse. If all the parameters are right, walk in –and say hello to a whole new way of working.

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