Working Remotely A virtual office lets you have an office without actually having one

A virtual office is a workplace solution that might be made to order in today’s times. It gives a person an address without providing dedicated office space. More and more people are working remotely – either for themselves or for a company that does not require them to clock in at the office every day. What’s more, you pay a fraction of the cost of leasing and running an office of your own.

The freedom and flexibility that a virtual office allows are some of its biggest attractions. You can work from anywhere—take your laptop and work in a park or coffee house or even from home. Who’s to know? And while you are at a remote location, there is an office that provides business-related services for you. A professional receptionist answers telephone calls in your name and makes sure messages are forwarded to you. You have a prestigious mailing address that you can use on your calling card and stationery. This is invaluable, especially for small businesses that are just starting up as it makes their business look bigger and more established.  Some business centers like DBS have designed special packages for people on their virtual office plans. Clients can add the services they require which means the best of both worlds –having an office without actually having one.

There are times when a person with a virtual office would need to use a physical office. For instance, if a meeting is scheduled between different people working on a project. Being part of a virtual office plan gives you access to a conference or meeting room suitable for the desired number of people. Equipment for presentations and technical back-up are made available for meetings to run smoothly. There is also an elegant lounge where informal meetings can take place – all in a professional ambiance. In other words, you get the benefits of a traditional office when you need it on a pay-by-use basis. This makes your business more cost-effective.

Business without borders is a special advantage of a virtual office these days. You have access to a worldwide network of users and can also work in different time zones as required.

Why face the rush and crush of a regular commute to the office?  Today, your laptop and your mobile phone are your office. A virtual office ensures greater productivity and efficiency.
Experience the advantages of a virtual office plan for yourself. Whatever your specific requirements, DBS has a solution to match. For instance, if you want to make Kolkata your base, you should find out more about business centers in Kolkata, serviced offices in Kolkata, coworking spaces in Kolkata, and virtual offices in Kolkata.

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