Workplace Interiors and Paintings

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TIP for the Meeting Space — If the room is used for internal meetings, create enough solid walls for capturing brainstorms on. If the room is client-facing, subtly add brand-connecting paintings, something that will start a conversation. And always make sure the room is equipped for all your presentation needs.

Words and paintings

Encourage the use of text on glass and walls to label a place within the office.  This generates movement, and creates social hubs.  Think how we act within a library compared to a canteen – our surroundings really impact our behaviours.  So using text on walls signals the expected behaviour for the area e.g. a quiet working space or a chatty networking hub.

TIP — Explore the impact signposting different areas in your workspace can have.

Location. Location. Location.

Location can also tell a story. Design the office to reflect what motivates the people; what inspires them to create, work and play.  The innovative design creates an effective workspace.

No matter what your budget or space you can easily create a visual wow factor and create a good first impression.

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