Shared Office Business: A Bubble or a Reality?

Bubble or reality is synonymous with business, especially new age conceptual businesses. May it be e-commerce, technology in the food industry, transportation, and others. New ideas, although welcomed, bear the burden of bursting like a bubble or turn into a thriving reality. The idea of Shared Office Business hasn’t been spared. It has borne the […]

Choosing A Perfect Conference Room? Here’s How To Make The Right Decision

So much of the success of a conference or meeting depends on where it is held that it makes sense to consider all aspects carefully before deciding on the right conference room for your needs. Here are some points to look at: 1. Accessibility The location is of paramount importance. It should be somewhere convenient […]

The Rise and Rise of Shared Offices in India

Shared Offices. Two words that are revolutionising the way people work across the country. The entire work culture has been transformed. You see fewer people going to private offices or cabins. Instead, people walk into an office that’s shared by three or four or more executives from different businesses. Your colleagues are constantly changing. The […]

Should Small Business Consider Shared Office?

Across the length and breadth of our nation, small businesses form a major chunk of the economy. While large companies play a major role in the economy, it is the small ones that consistently work in the background to make everything work. Ain’t it? You will come across a lot of small businesses, except retail […]

Indian Startups are Loving Shared Office

The love for starting-up a something new, something different than the mass has triggered confidence among new age entrepreneurs and so has their love for sharing a vision, ideas, and tips on business improvement, all these through a shared office space. India is witnessing tremendous growth in the start-up arena, the best part, the ideation behind every start-up […]

How to Make Your Office Space More Productive

How to make your office space more productive You spend most of your working day in the office. Is your office space inviting or just somewhere to work because you have to? Wherever you work –in an office or at home—it makes sense to style your office so it helps you get more done, more […]

How to Choose the Right Business Centre

Choosing the right business centre is a critical decision. Many factors come into play when making the decision. Here are some you should consider: The right fit for your business What is your area of business and does the centre synergize with it? For instance, legal advisory and related businesses should be located near the […]

Advantages of co-working Spaces Over Typical Office Spaces

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a business? A regular office, right? A regular office – small or big is the most common sentiment connected to any business. An address works as a confidence booster. Plus, an office at a prominent location increases the chances of business […]

Collaborative Spaces – The Future of Working Space

Synergy among employees is an absolute must for a business to survive, sustain, and succeed. Easy for small teams, but complex and tricky for businesses with various departments, many employees coming from different backgrounds and qualifications. The size of employees or departments hardly matters when corporations are determined to succeed. However, progress stalls if collaboration […]

Shared Offices – Creating A Buzz

Demand for Shared Offices among Small Businesses What’s the buzz in the corporate world? An idea called the shared office. It has come about as a result of the new work culture which embraces start-ups, freelancers and professionals – a set of diverse individuals generally working for themselves at their own pace, following their own […]