Productivity Hacks for Shared Space

Wondering why would productivity need a hack? Don’t worry. We won’t hack it literally. At times, some words do sound negative, for example, when the word ‘hack’ falls on your ears, a visual of brutal slashing or chopping may flash through your mind. But in recent times, negative sounding words are often used to communicate […]

When working from home does not work

The concept of working from home initially began in the late eighties which continues till date, although scattered and very specific. The first to kickoff working from home was IBM that too with just 5 employees. It was termed as telecommuting then. Between the year 1980 and 1985, nearly 2000 IBMers were working remotely, rather […]

The ROI of having a prestigious address.

Of all businesses, small or big, there is an inherent desire to own office space at a prestigious address. Why? A prestigious address boosts the chances of serving existing customers and to convert prospects into new business. But, there is a catch. All businesses may not be able to buy or rent office space at […]

5 Reasons Why Coworking Space Is Worth For A Freelancer

The first question that might arise is, “Why would freelancers work from a coworking space or a rented office? They can very well work from anywhere, anytime.” The emotion behind this question is quite understandable. And to some extent, the question is valid. The word ‘freelance’, itself means, selling of products or services without a […]

Advantages of having a team office in a metro city.

The trend of switching from rural locales to semi-urban towns and from semi-urban towns to densely populated yet thriving urban locations is witnessing an upward shift – METRO. Be it small or medium-sized businesses or families, the charm of a working or living in a metro city is gripping them all. There are numerous factors […]

10 Team Building Exercises For Corporate Retreats

Businesses succeed and their success is based on three important factors – Best Customer Service comes first, Innovative Products/Services takes the second place, and the third, but very important – a strong team of employees. A strong team ensures proper execution of the first two to generate revenue for the business and successfully stay ahead […]

Mumbai: Problems and solutions on Small Office Space

Anything that is small is often considered, ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute’. Taking a cue from our lives, small things or small gestures of kindness do matter and it makes us feel happy and content. But does the same logic apply to our workplace? No. It doesn’t. What if your workplace is small compared to the number […]

How economical is it to work at a shared office?

Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. – Li Keqiang. Premier – State Council of the PRC. Indeed, innovation in any discipline leads to overall progress. Whether it is technology or medicine, science or mankind, innovation makes life easy. Similarly, in the last decade, we are experiencing changes in consumption, due to the […]

Convert Meetings into Deals with an Impressive Office

Creating and leaving a best first impression is one of the most dreaded tasks in personal or professional lives. All it takes is just a quick glance, not lasting 3-4 seconds, for someone to judge you when you are meeting for the first time. In just 3-4 seconds, the other person develops an opinion about […]

The perks of having a shared office

The moment you listen “perks”, ‘fringe benefits’ or ‘incidental gain’ as an employee or as a customer is something that might run through your mind, right? It has to be that way because ‘perks’ indeed are added compensation for doing something extra or adding value to the business or a free gift for making a […]