Why Shared Offices Is Gaining Extreme Popularity in India?

Let’s look at the highlights of India’s shared office industry growth rate. The following statistics are based on the latest research report ‘Spotting the Opportunities: Flexible Space In Asia Pacific’ (2018) conducted by JLL, a leading American real estate services firm. 40 – 50% market growth in 2018 35.7% rise in flexible floor space growth […]

Virtual Office Spaces – The business Solution For Today’s Needs

A virtual office provides the benefits of a traditional office with much greater flexibility and at a fraction of the cost. It is the ideal solution for today’s business people, especially start-ups and small businesses and people working on their own. The main advantage of a virtual office is that you can work from anywhere […]

How Shared Office Makes A Thriving Work Environment?

Office environment is directly related to work performance. Imagine, working in a gloomy, dusty, dimly lit, very crowded office versus a cosy, colourful, bright workspace with like-minded people around – which one would you choose? Freelancers, startup entrepreneurs and consultants often step back from the idea of a healthy workspace presuming budget as the key […]

How Dbs Business Center Stands Out In The Serviced Office Space Industry?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, corporates or consultants do count on serviced office spaces considering significant benefits such as greater networking opportunities, budget-friendly, and relief from operational responsibilities. However, when searching for a reputed rented office space, it is not easy to make a choice. The serviced office space industry of India is really crowded and growing […]

Top Three Benefits of Using Shared Office Space

Today’s entrepreneurs love shared office space. Is it to be on the trend or there are genuine perks on opting for shared office spaces? Let’s find out. Urban cities especially are witnessing a steep rise in the idea and use of shared office premises. Office space owners also prefer renting out to multiple companies over […]

DBS Business Center: Taking Team Offices To Next Level

An office space that boosts productivity among team members can be considered on the route of proper and well-defined progress. It is an undeniable fact – a planned, tastefully-designed, and a well-maintained office premise promotes efficiency, teamwork, increases chances of a company’s growth. No matter whether businesses operate through traditional office space or the new […]

Shared Offices: Revamping The Way We Work.

The common emotion “just another day at the office” is fading, fading for good because the trend of buying or renting a traditional expensive office is declining, especially for startups or new businesses. In the past ten years, the concept of shared offices is gaining momentum and is attracting the entrepreneurial and diverse generation of […]

Working alone has its challenges, Meeting (and greeting) rooms help overcome them

Working remotely has many advantages–flexibility of working hours and avoiding  time wasted on those daily commutes. However, when you work alone, there are also many challenges that need to be overcome. Poor time management becomes a problem in many cases. People tend not to keep track of time spent on work or maintain proper to-do […]

A Serviced Office: On every start-up’s must have list

As the name suggests, a start-up needs to start up quickly. Time lost is often an opportunity lost. No value can really be put on opportunity costs. But start-ups often face a number of hurdles that come in the way of their getting down to business fast. And one of the biggest of these is […]