Co-working Spaces Taking Over from Traditional Offices

India is witnessing a workspace revolution. Co-working or shared workspaces are the hot new trend in the cities, literally taking over from traditional offices. Those spacious private offices for the CEO and senior managers— including that much-envied ‘corner office’ which was such a status symbol – are no longer considered viable. The surprising fact is […]

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Office Space in 2020

It has been said that “choices are abundant – it is the right decision that is the rare one.” Abundant choices but one rare decision that is critical to your business: the right serviced office space. Here are some factors to consider before you zero in on the office space that’s right for you.and can […]

7 Ways To Make Collaborative Meeting Rooms Better

If the walls of many meeting rooms could speak, it would be quite a revelation. A meeting is called but often ends up being a waste of time, useless, poorly run and unnecessary. Yet organizations continue to hold meetings in the hope that there will be a collaboration between different members of the organization with […]

5 Tricks To Stay Productive in Your Virtual Office

More and more people are now working remotely. Working from a virtual office has several attractive benefits like saving time commuting to work and having the flexibility to work from wherever and whenever you like. On the flip side, there is the feeling of remoteness that creeps in. You don’t have colleagues you can share […]

Does the Meeting Room You Choose Reflect the Best Image for your Company?

Despite all the interaction that happens on-line, there are times when you need to meet your clients or business associates face-to-face. For that crucial meeting, it is important to choose the right meeting room, one that suits your specific needs. And, importantly, it reflects the right image for your company. Here are some points to consider […]

What Makes Shared Offices a ‘cool’ Idea?

Shared offices are trending. A location where people from multiple businesses can engage in work is a ‘cool’ idea specially for the younger generation of professionals. What makes a shared office such a draw? There are several reasons. To begin with, shared offices are usually urban-centric. They are located in a prime business district, close […]

Reasons Galore for Choosing a Shared Office in Bangalore

When it comes to business, all roads lead increasingly to Bangalore. The city attracts not only enterprises, big and small, but also startups and entrepreneurs. An important item on their agenda is finding the right place from which to work. Shared office spaces is a concept that’s fast catching on. The question prospective customers face […]

Credibility can be Your Ace with a Well-Chosen Office Space

If you are a startup or a newcomer in the business world, you might face a major challenge: how to prove your credibility and be seen as a serious player? The place you work from plays a major role here. If you work from home—or a coffee house—you risk being seen as not very professional. […]

What is this Trendy Shared Office Space Anyway? And Why It is the Future

Shared office spaces in India, are becoming more popular day by day. Its massive growth in the last 5 years has disrupted the growth of traditional office space. Steady economic growth and a burgeoning startup community are driving flexible workspace in India. It is the world’s fastest emerging market breaking all the rules of the […]