Serviced Offices – a Lifeline for Small Businesses

The lockdown caused by the Coronavirus has had a major impact on businesses –small businesses, in particular, have been hit hard. With scarce cash reserves and small margins, they have been struggling to stay afloat. Fortunately, there is a lifeline. They can opt for a serviced office and avoid drowning in overheads. If they had […]

Why Start-ups Should Get the Shared Office Advantage

As a start-up, should you share office space or lease one of your own? There are several reasons why a shared office would be a viable option. To start with, there’s a sizeable saving on rent. When you are embarking on your start-up journey you need a modern office in a good business location to […]

What to Look for in a Shared Office

A shared office might be just the answer to your wishes, especially when you are starting out in business or are a small organization. What are the factors you should consider when choosing the shared office space that’s right for you? Location The location is usually top of the list. The reason you are considering […]

A Virtual Office Gets Your Business Growing

You don’t need to have an office to have one. That is the concept of a virtual office –which allows businesses to operate from anywhere and yet have a full-fledged office working for them. A virtual office can be a key factor in business success. Here are some of its main benefits. Upscale address With […]

Mind Your Conference Rooms Manner in 2020: The Complete Guide

  Having access to a well-furnished and equipped conference room is essential for entrepreneurs and consultants. But how good are your conference room manners? It is important to follow the right etiquette when leasing a conference or meeting room. If you don’t you will create a negative impression and the reputation of being an unwelcome […]

Why Smart Entrepreneurs should opt for Virtual Offices

Entrepreneurs looking for a place to work have the answer in two words: virtual office. The benefits are significant for anyone starting or building a business. Here are some advantages of a virtual office that entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore: Prestigious address Where do you work from? Chances are the address is not too impressive […]

Put Success on the Agenda by Renting a Conference Room

Meetings are at the core of any business, large or small. Meetings can, of course, be held anywhere. In a coffee shop or restaurant, in a crowded office, even on a park bench or in the back seat of a car. But this takes away from the professionalism of the meeting and from the image […]

Economical Benefits of Moving to a Serviced Office Space

Serviced office spaces spell tremendous economic benefits over offices that you can lease and set up yourself. Here are some benefits that add up – ask your calculator! Flexible lease Your business plan has yet to be tried out. But the reality is that you need to lease an office space before you move in. […]

Buy or Lease Your Office Space: Which is a Better Option?

The question facing companies or individuals setting up a business is whether to lease or buy an office. There are various reasons for and against taking either path. A major advantage of buying commercial property is that you can have equity that can appreciate – grow in value over time. You also have equity that […]

Give your Meeting Rooms that ‘Smart’ Edge

Remember King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? This is an early example of a ‘corporate meeting’ where critical decisions were made in the right place with the right ambiance. Now, more than ever, meetings need the right staging and set-up for greater productivity. Where you meet and the facilities available are of […]