Serviced Offices: The Right Choice Of Businesses Today

Have you noticed a trend in some of the most successful businesses today?  They tend not to have offices of their own. Most of them are turning towards a smarter solution:  getting a serviced office. This is not a decision they have taken lightly. They are opting for a serviced office simply because it makes […]

How To Make Your Serviced Office The One That Stands Out

Serviced offices — or fully managed, furnished, and equipped workspaces on rent — are springing up everywhere. How can you make yours that stand out among the rest? The answer includes tangible and intangible aspects, both important in creating differentiation. Since first impressions count, it pays to make your serviced office look inviting. Serviced offices […]

Why Remote Workers Plan to Return to Shared Office Space?

Sooner or later, post-Pandemic shocks will lessen. The slow transition to a new way of life – the ‘new normal’ – will begin. What will happen to the work scenario?  Will people still want to work remotely?  When the lock-down was imposed, there was no choice. Quite abruptly, an entire workforce of thousands of people […]

What Makes Serviced Offices a Smart Business Decision

There’s something about a ‘serviced’ office that beats working from an owned or leased office (with all its infrastructural and staffing hassles) or from home (with all its distractions). The operative word is ‘serviced’. You can walk into a fully-furnished and equipped office, with your desk clean and orderly, everything in place—inviting you to forget […]

What Changes Does The Workplace Need to do Because of The Pandemic?

The Pandemic has brought many changes in its wake, giving rise to a new phrase in our vocabulary: the new normal. As people start returning to work, the office will see a lot of changes coming into effect. Making the place where we work Pandemic-proof be a challenge. It will require new working patterns that […]

Qualities That Make Business Centers Unique

Business centers in India started out as spaces in hotels with computers and desks for hotel guests on business trips. This service evolved into specially designed workspaces for individuals as well as companies. And so was born the modern business center. A host of factors make a business center unique –different from just a collection […]

Virtual Office Life after Lockdown – What to Expect?

As we take uncertain steps in the not-so-brave new world after the lockdown, a ‘new normal’ will become commonplace. Offices will, by and large, not return to the pre-COVID 19 era. There will be a complete change in look and feel. Seating will be redefined to conform to social distancing norms, so there will be […]

Why Outsourcing a Meeting Room makes sense amid COVID-19

We see the images on TV: empty roads, empty restaurants, empty shops, and empty offices. Covid-19 has changed the way we live and work. And this scenario is likely to continue for a long time to come. Work must happen even in these extremely tough times. The lockdown has seen a spurt in people working […]

Conference Room Safety Precautions Need to take During COVID-19

Safety is the first priority when it comes to fighting Covid-19. Conference and meeting rooms bring people together so extra precautions have to be taken to keep infection at bay. Follow the lead of conference rooms in Delhi and make sure the room is disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day (even when not in […]

Why Shared Office Hygiene matters more than ever during Covid-19?

As the country cautiously makes its way towards relaxing the Covid-19 lockdown, many of us envision a time when we can stop working from home and return to the office. Yet, in the absence of a vaccine, aspects of the modern workspace will have to change significantly if we are to safely return to our […]