What is this Trendy Shared Office Space Anyway? And Why It is the Future

Shared office spaces in India, are becoming more popular day by day. Its massive growth in the last 5 years has disrupted the growth of traditional office space. Steady economic growth and burgeoning startup community are driving flexible workspace in India. It is the world’s fastest emerging market breaking all the rules of the traditional […]

The Millionaire Guide on the Virtual Office to Help You Get Rich

While big and established companies find it convenient by bringing all their employees under one roof, but small companies or startups don’t really have an option to rent or buy a space in their early days. Hence there is an alternative for companies that are just getting started, can work from home and pay for […]

Goodbye, Sundry Meeting Places & Hello, Conference Rooms

“Let’s meet at …..” Maybe the coffee house, in the park, or even in the car? To this, we would say a definite “No.” The low price – even the ‘no price’ – may be a temptation. But look at all the negatives. First of all, coffee shops don’t come cheap and drinking too many […]

Make Capital of Shared Office Space in Delhi

When it comes to business, all roads lead to Delhi. Getting an office there may seem as difficult as climbing the Qutub Minar! So, more and more people are looking at the new option — shared office spaces. Here are some points to consider when getting a shared office space in Delhi. Location: Is the […]

Shared Office Space in India: An Emerging Market

With the emergence of the startup ecosystem in India, a predominant trend also started to root and began transforming the scenario of conventional workspace to convenient and flexible shared offices. Major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkatta are the first beneficiaries of this booming trend. DBS Business center is India’s leading […]

Shared Office Space Available in Prime Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata

Different businesses have different requirements, startup’s can upgrade their business with DBS Bussiness Center by renting a shared office space which comes with several different advantages. We have different offices of different sizes and capacities to meet the requirements of every kind of business. DBS Business Centers appears across the nation in prime cities like […]

Why Renting a Furnished Office is the Right Choice for Your Business

To rent or not to rent, that is the question. Whether you are a freelancer, a consultant, an entrepreneur or running a small or medium,-size company, you need the right workplace. The big question is whether to rent a furnished office or get your own premises that you can furnish and equip yourself. The balance […]

Conference Room Automation: Ushering in a New Era of Communication

The client and his team walk into a conference room for an important presentation. But before the presentation starts there’s a lot of fussing about with remotes and switches. The window shades need to be closed, lights dimmed, the thermostat adjusted, and so on. It all takes away from the impact of the presentation. Does […]

Conference or Meeting: Business Centers are ideal for Your Business

A conference or a business meeting is, by all means, an event. The event primarily focuses on discussing and highlighting business growth, achievements, rewarding business partners, employee recognition, launching a new product or service, corporate social responsibility, and future business plans. The event, in short, is a gathering of decision makers and those influencing the […]

Availability of Conference or Meeting Rooms in Andheri

While the business world thrives, falls, and rises again, it faces the evergreen issue of working space. Office space is a primary concern across the business world. Large organizations may have ample space to operate. But they face limitations when they are looking for expansion in international markets. Similarly, SMEs, start-ups, and branches of MNCs […]