Reasons why the serviced office is a leaner alternative for modern businesses

Not long ago when managed office spaces in Secunderabad became an option, nobody thought they would soon become a primary preference of modern business. Now that they represent fully- customizable, cost-efficient, ready-to-move-in workplaces, it is difficult to consider any other alternative. The global markets today are constantly evolving making time, money, and efforts the key […]

How Serviced Office Segment is going to Evolve in 2021?

The concept of serviced offices – working together and sharing premises, staff, and other overheads –has been around for some time. But over the years, serviced offices have evolved into dynamic new office spaces to keep pace with the evolving business scenario and meet the demands of new-age employees who are future torchbearers. Here’s how […]

How Serviced Offices Provide Greater Agility & Reduced Risk in Business?

The key to business success is responding with speed and agility to opportunities as they arise. But this can be fraught with risk and can draw on a  business’ resources and reserves. This is where a serviced office provides the right solution. Benefits of a serviced office: Flexibility The short-term, renewable agreements  a serviced office […]

Re-opening the Office – Behavioural Trends You Need to be Aware Of

The office has re-opened. People are trickling back to work. It’s good to see familiar faces and places. But it’s not business as normal as is evident from serviced offices in Mumbai. In fact, there is a ‘new normal’ in place and it’s the responsibility of everyone –management, employees, support staff –to adopt new behavioral […]

How will Office Strategies Change with the Future of Work?

Suddenly, the concept of work as we have known it for years, is going through a massive revolution. Nine to five, no longer valid. The office? Not a place you commute to, but your home or the park bench. Current job skills, becoming passé by the minute. Man, versus machine, machine coming up a winner […]

How to Have a Running Office Without Actually Running It?

Serviced offices. What a boon for people in business! Serviced offices are fully furnished and equipped offices for rent which are designed to enhance productivity, creativity and work culture. The operative word is ‘serviced’ and that’s what makes them a smart choice for people in business –whether individuals or small, medium and even large enterprises. […]

A Shared Office: The Profitable Asset In Your Business Centre

If you look at the assets listed by most business centres on their balance sheets, you are not likely to see ‘shared offices’ on the list. But shared offices are a profitable and asset in more ways than one might think. Consider the facts. Business centres are generally located in areas that have expensive real […]

Serviced Offices: The Right Choice Of Businesses Today

Have you noticed a trend in some of the most successful businesses today?  They tend not to have offices of their own. Most of them are turning towards a smarter solution:  getting a serviced office. This is not a decision they have taken lightly. They are opting for a serviced office simply because it makes […]

How To Make Your Serviced Office The One That Stands Out

Serviced offices — or fully managed, furnished, and equipped workspaces on rent — are springing up everywhere. How can you make yours that stands out among the rest? The answer includes tangible and intangible aspects, both important in creating differentiation. Since first impressions count, it pays to make your serviced office look inviting. Serviced offices […]

What Makes Serviced Offices a Smart Business Decision

There’s something about a ‘serviced’ office that beats working from an owned or leased office (with all its infrastructural and staffing hassles) or from home (with all its distractions). The operative word is ‘serviced’. You can walk into a fully-furnished and equipped office, with your desk clean and orderly, everything in place—inviting you to forget […]