The Newage Reasons for the Rise in the Demand of Flexible Workspaces

Change in the work culture and the ever-improving technology are just some of the key drivers in changing the way we do business. The concept of “serviced offices” has been around for a while and was traditionally viewed as a desk solution for entrepreneur consultants and SMEs.

They are known to offer lower costs, collaborative working areas, and the flexibility of being able to work on a flexible short-term lease.

It equips businesses with a lot of benefits some of which include an all-inclusive rent, which eliminates concerns about unforeseen costs such as dilapidations or high service charge costs. Another benefit of working with flexible

How Pandemic affected the demand for office space in Mumbai:

The recession caused by the pandemic certainly played a part in developing the industry. Flexible services have found their application for not just small businesses but also large corporates.

  • More importance to family and safety: The flexible working model gives employers the flexibility to upscale and downscale during the pandemic easily. Moreover, the virtual offices in Mumbai are the best workspace solutions when it comes to providing a safe and comfortable working environment to the employees during the pandemic.
  • Flexibility towards the work environment: Flexible workspaces don’t just perfectly fit the dynamic working patterns of companies but also give them an opportunity to cut costs, enhance flexibility and improve the work experience.
  • Free from the burden of maintaining infrastructure and admin: Several corporate organisations are planning to bring back their workforce to offices and flexible spaces have emerged as the best choice as they do not require the employers to maintain the infrastructure and reception desk.

How does it benefit small business owners?

  • Helpful in uncertainty: Offices on rent in Vashi are ideal for small business owners, start-ups, and freelancers as they work on a pay-as-you-use pricing model. They can easily scale up or scale down their teams in these uncertain times.
  • Better collaboration opportunities: Flexible offices also open up the doors of endless opportunities. By working with professionals and industry experts under one roof, they can find excellent networking opportunities.
  • They are cost-effective: Virtual office space is another part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with any combination of services, space, technology, and other benefits without bearing the capital expenses of owning a traditional office. By opting for a virtual office in Navi Mumbai, a company can offer its clients and employees a stable office with access to amenities such as receptionists, conference rooms, desk space, mailboxes, printing, and faxing at a permanent address. This office is owned and maintained by the virtual office provider or a third party.

The virtual office Mumbai by DBS is aimed at startups that can benefit from an official address, phone number, meeting rooms to interact with the clients have now become increasingly popular. They can also enjoy access to additional services like Wi-Fi, web hosting, and digital storage while working from any corner of the world. They are proven to be the best option for providing employees with a safe working space in the middle of a pandemic and ensuring a good work-life balance.

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