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DBS is where startups can get a head start. You need to focus your time and energy on starting your business and getting that competitive edge. No investment in infrastructure needed – and you are spared the hassle of maintaining an office of your own.

"I had no capital but my determination was an invaluable asset."

D-Desking at a DBS Business CenterThe day I decided to start out on my own, I took stock of my assets. I had no capital to start my venture but what I did have was my determination to succeed. That was enough! I knew I had it in me to go out and get business. Nothing was going to stop me.

What I needed was a suitable base from which I could get started. The solution I found was D-desking at a DBS business center. A prestigious business address , instant connectivity and all the business facilities I needed . I put my laptop down and got down to work. When I took a coffee break, I made friends with other like-minded people and even got some valuable contacts. With the help of DBS, I was on my way.

"I took that important step forward and never looked back."

Single Desk at a DBS Business CenterIt isn’t easy to get out of your comfort zone, is it? But I decided to take the plunge. I wanted to start my own business and get it up and going fast. It was a big challenge and I knew it would require my full commitment 24x7. I decided to meet the challenge head-on and give it my all.

A single desk at a DBS business center was all I needed. I found that all my needs were taken care of from Day One. The infrastructure was great. The ambience got my creative juices flowing. And before I knew it, my business started growing.

"Working from home was not an option for me. But where could I go?"

DBS Shared Office – D-DeskingI gave up my job and decided to work on my own – from home. Big mistake! There were too many distractions. The doorbell would ring and break my concentration. My wife would look in and ask me to mind the children when she went out. I didn’t have a phone for business use and, anyway, my daughter was keeping the one we had constantly engaged. And where could I meet my clients? My home wasn’t professional enough. But what was the option?

When I almost gave up hoping, I found an option. A DBS shared office –
D-desking. The right business address and, what’s more important, at the right price. I had my own private space within the shared office space. I could just plug in my laptop and start working. The telephone was at hand and I could avail of facilities like photocopying and faxing, paying only for what I used. My time was far more productive.

"I took the leap to start my own business"

Single Office at a DBS CenterIt was a hard decision, to leave the known and jump into the unknown. But I was determined to be my own boss and make my own destiny.

I took a Single Office at a DBS center. As I sat at my desk, made plans, made cold calls to prospective clients, I could see my business grow before my very eyes. All I had to do was focus on my work and everything else was taken care of. The ambience was inspiring … the ideas just seemed to flow. I was on my way.

"I wanted a second inning"

Second InningI retired after 30 years and now it was time to start something new, time for a second, more challenging inning. I knew I had the experience, but without an office or infrastructure how was I to start?

I was struck by the different sizes of offices DBS offered. I opted for a Dual Office. All I had to do was plug in my laptop – and I was in business. The services I needed were just a telephone call away. From secretarial to courier services to pantry services (they soon began to give me coffee the way I liked it). I could use their really elegant lounge to meet prospective clients. If I needed a conference or meeting room, it was made available.

"I needed a prestigious address for my home-based business"

Virtual OfficeMe, my laptop and a small room at home. That comprises my office. I can get much of my work done by logging in and calling people from my cell phone. But I needed a more impressive address.

DBS gave me the solution: a Virtual Office. I could have an office without actually having one. A new address, an office that would send and receive messages for me, and services like conference rooms added to both my prestige and productivity. And there was nothing ‘virtual’ about my success!

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