Check the Emotions!

Recognise that emotions do not get ‘in the way’ of performance, morale and success…they are what underpins it. The absence of ‘emotion’ is actually the presence of positive feelings. Observe the emotions present at your next team meeting, are they more/less positive than the last one? If you lead a team it is your responsibility […]

3 Tips for Social Media to gain the Right Customers

3 tips for finding customers through a directed social media campaign: 1. The right platform. If you want to find customers, it’s your job to pick out which platform caters to your business’ desired audience and join it. Selecting the right social media platform for finding customers may seem basic, but business owners tend to […]

No Time to Update your Blog? Speak into it!

Break it. On a website, it’s better to have many articles on one idea or topic rather than.  You don’t have to like throw up a long essay on one single idea. Post it as a series of articles. If they are in smaller chunks, it’ll be easier to read! Speak into it. Software such […]

No Time to Update your Blog? Only Words!

The advantages of continuously updating your website’s content are very apparent.  But that’s when it’s already an averaged-size website. What about the small, niche ones? It can be a challenge for them to keep updating their websites. So it would be better if you had a static website but also had a blog that contained […]

Look for ways to maximize your time

Look for ways to maximize your time The only way to increase time is to get more done in the time you have. Consider the expression “time is money.” What does it mean to you? How can you treat time to make sure your time is money? Think carefully about what’s the most important thing […]

To do the To-do List

1. Set your priorities. Specific. Everyone has different priorities. If success is your goal, then spend most of your time doing things that will step you towards success. Think: Will this thing that I’m doing do good later in life? 2. Get everyone in. Everyone in your life — from your partner, to parents, boss, […]

5 More Tips to Beat Time at Work

Take five minutes before every call and task to decide what result you want to attain. This will help you know what success looks like before you start. And it will also slow time down. Take five minutes after each call and activity to determine whether your desired result was achieved. If not, what was […]

5 Tips to Beat Time at Work

Carry a to-do list or a schedule and record all your activities for a week. Comment beside the activities how it went. This will help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where your precious moments are going. You’ll see how much time is actually spent producing […]