Taking The ‘Remoteness’ Out of Working Remotely

It is said that distance lends enchantment. But when it comes to managing employees spread across different locations, this isn’t always the case. Managing remote employees is a whole new dimension, and requires a considerable degree not only of management skills but also of sheer human understanding. Operating from serviced offices in Mumbai, some companies […]

How to Select the Right Type of Office for Your Team?

When you lease an office, do not just think in terms of the square feet of space you’ll require. Think in terms of the team who will work there, spend one-half of their lives there. The most important question is whether the office will be the right professional setting for inspiring and productive work that […]

Why Shared Offices Is Gaining Extreme Popularity in India?

Let’s look at the highlights of India’s shared office industry growth rate. The following statistics are based on the latest research report ‘Spotting the Opportunities: Flexible Space In Asia Pacific’ (2018) conducted by JLL, a leading American real estate services firm. 40 – 50% market growth in 2018 35.7% rise in flexible floor space growth […]

How Shared Office Makes A Thriving Work Environment?

Office environment is directly related to work performance. Imagine, working in a gloomy, dusty, dimly lit, very crowded office versus a cosy, colourful, bright workspace with like-minded people around – which one would you choose? Freelancers, startup entrepreneurs and consultants often step back from the idea of a healthy workspace presuming budget as the key […]

Key Trends in a Workplace in 2018

“The only thing that is constant is change,” – said Heraclitus. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Highly advanced information technology is allowing businesses to discover and develop new methods to expand their business. Rapid globalization and technological advances are reshaping the modern working landscape and drawing newer workplace trends that are dominating […]


Starting a new business can be exciting but it’s also fraught with challenges. You have plans and ideas. But you may well find that putting them into operation in the real world isn’t easy. Getting an office space is one of the biggest hurdles you will face. Just this one element can soak up your […]

Nine to Five – The myth of the working day

Once upon a time people did work from nine to five. It was considered workaday drudgery. How people complained about the punishing hours. A popular song by US country singer Dolly Parton goes: Working nine to five What a way to make a livin’ Barely getting by It’s all takin’ and no givin’ ‘Nine to […]

How conference rooms can play multiple roles

Most companies need a conference or meeting room. The question is, should a conference room be only for conferences? That would be limiting its usage, which is why we often see conference rooms being left empty for a long time, taking up precious space. But a conference room can play multiple roles. DBS business centers […]


There are some organizations that put employee training and development on the back burner. They do not see an immediate benefit and view investing in their employees as more optional than essential. They do not see the expense as worth their while. They would be making a costly mistake. Investing in your employees will actually […]

Delegation through Responsibility. Authority, Accountability

An organization stands on three pillars of strength. Responsibility, Authority, Accountability. Unless you are literally a one-man army, you have to rely on others down the line to deliver results. The best organizational heads know the benefits of delegation. They pick the right person for the job and then resist the temptation to micro-manage. Yes, the CEO can […]