Virtual Office – A Small Business Owner’s Gateway To Growth

Renting or leasing an office involves spending a huge sum of money. In addition to this, resources must also be spent on equipping the office through the purchase of things like furniture, IT infrastructure, and so on. For a majority of small business owners, this is simply not a feasible option since they are unable […]

How a Virtual Office Creates a Professional Corporate Image?

While setting up a new business, you will eventually come across the important point of setting up the location for your new business. A physical location adds a great amount of authenticity to your business. Even if you have decided to conduct your business from home, having your business location at some industrial hub certainly […]

Benefits of Serviced Offices for Business Owners

A serviced office is an office space that has been fully furnished and loaded with all modern amenities. The responsibility for the management of this office space rests upon the operating agency. With a serviced office, therefore, you don’t have to worry about managing the office space; all you have to do is to sign […]

Are Your Meetings are Productive As They Could Be?

Meetings are frequently occurring events in companies. Meetings are given such importance because they act as facilitators of better group functioning. Without meetings, the goal of the group will be lost and the performance of entire organization might suffer. However, in many organizations meetings are not fulfilling their expected function and are instead acting as […]

Coworking Space Are The Offices Of The Future

Just a decade ago, none of us ever thought about coworking spaces. Even the term coworking at that time wasn’t even coined. A few years ago, coworking space came into existence when coffee shops expanded and became popular hang outs to catch up with clients or to hold a business presentation. However, the friendly coffee […]

Virtual Office Now A Reality For Startups

You coined a conceptual business idea and launched a startup, so are you ready for the take off with your business? Are you ready to make your dream of creating a grand startup come true? But you are at the crossroads of deciding whether to buy an office or opt for a rented office space. […]

Guide to Starting Your Own Freelance Business

Freelancers are often the envy of salaried employees. Imagine working when and where you like. Imagine not having to ask permission to go on leave. Imagine being your own boss. While all this sounds great, freelancing also has its challenges. The most important thing is that you need to be at the top of your […]

How Coworking Spaces Are Beating Coffee Shops For Work

Times are changing. Coffee shops once considered an ideal place to talk business or crack deals or even conducting business events is gradually shifting from business-cum-fun hang out to just hang outs. A coffee shop can be a great place to talk business with a client or get some work done, but the question that […]

Funding Your Small Business

So, you have a million-dollar idea! But before you can turn it into a profitable business, you need funds. Getting funds seems like an uphill task. How can a small business without capital or credentials get the required amount of money to even get started? But nothing is impossible. Here are some proven ways to […]

Customizable Office Space At No Cost To You

The concept of customizable office space isn’t new to most business houses in India, and the headline is exclusively meant for businesses looking to expand their business in Mumbai. No matter if you own a small or mid sized business or manage your business from home or you are paying rent for unused office space […]