Secrets Of Being More Productive At Work

You can be more productive at work and be rewarded with more leisure-time and, of course, more money. Here are some proven secrets of making the most of the 24 hours we all have. Be a clock watcher Track and limit the time you’re spending on tasks. Then see if you can cut it down. […]

From Local To Global, Tips On How To Go International With Your Business

Spin the globe and you will find an opportunity to sell something, somewhere. The world is your market today. Taking your business global makes dollars and sense! There are tremendous advantages of going global. You can extend the sale life of products and services by finding new markets and thus reduce your dependence on local […]

The Secret Of Making Friends In The Office

For many people, making friends at work isn’t easy. It can be intimidating. But even a shy introvert can learn to become a good friend or buddy at work. Remember, more than 50% of a person’s lifetime is spent working, so it’s worth investing the time and effort to invest in friendships at work. How […]

How To Deal With Difficult People At Work

Every company has them. People who are difficult to work with. Some who just talk and don’t listen. Some who criticise everything they did not have anything to do with. Some who steal credit. Some who undermine others to put themselves in the spotlight. Some who are obnoxious or just plain bullies. As a colleague, […]

How to Choose a Serviced Office

Your office makes a statement about you. Customers and prospects form an impression when they see your office and that reflects on you. How attractive and appealing the office space is also makes a difference to employees. Does it make them want to go to the office every day? Does it keep them motivated and […]

Basic Office Supplies Your Business Needs

So you are in business now and actually have your own office. Congratulations! Now’s the time to think of the basic office supplies you need to get your business running smoothly from Day One. Set aside a reasonable budget for these essentials. It will pay off in time and bother saved. Let’s start with your […]

The Hidden Benefit of a Shared Office

Shared offices or co-working spaces are trending across the world. In India, too, entrepreneurs are drawn to the cost-saving benefits of a shared rather than private office. It also allows tremendous flexibility: work when you want, where you want, without any overheads and without the hassles of running an office. And there’s a very attractive […]

Lean Serviced Offices Keep Businesses Agile

“The Times They Are A-Changin’,” sang Bob Dylan (who recently won the Nobel Prize for Literature). This holds true as much today as it did when he wrote the iconic song more than fifty years ago. It holds specially true for businesses. These are dynamic times. A business that wants to keep pace with the […]

Virtual Office Builds Corporate Image

In the initial stages as a new company is being built, a dilemma occurs. There’s the need to project a professional image but there are also many calls on the company’s limited resources. How can the company create the right impression, be located at a prestigious address that speaks volumes for its credibility as a […]

Why shared office spaces are trending

In recent years, there’s been a decided shift in the business scenario. There are more and more start-ups and self-employed people: freelancers, designers, consultants. When once they worked from home or out of coffee shops, they are now leaning towards an exciting concept: a shared office space. This is usually set up in a business […]