Co-Working Spaces Make Good Business Sense

Co-working spaces are trending. They are just the thing people working on their own are looking for because they “bring the social back into the workplace”. You rent a desktop in an open space for a flexible period. The space is shared by people coming from different backgrounds: entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, designers, consultants. The environment […]

It Pays To Build Client Relationships

Building a strong relationship with your clients is an essential part of business. Here are some ways you can effectively make it happen: 1. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. How would you like to be treated if you were in his place? Give the level of service and attention you would expect to every […]

Expand Efficiency of Workspace With Perfect Plan

An average person spends 50% of his day time in office environment. In many types of research it is revealed that employees consider their office environment as a crucial element for work satisfaction. Space planning is an important aspect of working environment as it involves the arrangement and organization of office furniture to work effectively […]

The Time To Pick Up A Serviced Office Is Now

You may be thinking about getting a serviced office but have put off the decision to later. Money is tight. Not too many clients are walking through the door. You want to wait till you are ready. The question really is: ready for what? The best time to pick up a serviced office is NOW. […]

Co-Working:The Hot, New Trend In Workspaces

Co-working or shared office spaces have become one of the hottest trends in workspaces. This is an option where an office rental, workstation or something similar is occupied by people working alone or in very small teams. Very often there is just one large table at which people work with no assigned seating. Set your […]


There’s nothing to equal the joy of starting your own business and seeing it take off. What you need is a great idea and the ability to work really hard. Here are some stellar business ideas to get you thinking. The hard work is up to you so before you decide to start out on […]


The environment in which you work directly affects your efficiency and productivity. People have different work spaces and different needs. But, according to design experts, there are some elements everyone needs to look at when designing the perfect work space. Windows : Are not just for looking out from though it’s amazing what a lift a good view can give. […]

Goodbye 9 to 5 & Hello Flexi Hours

Remember 9 to 5? Forget it. The trend today is flexi hours. This means flexible scheduling of work to adjust to responsibilities at work and home. It can mean starting and ending workdays at different times or doing some of your work at home. Parents may choose to arrive at work later so they can […]

Give Your Workspace a Makeover

You spend most of your working day at your workspace and it’s the same old scenario day after day.The same walls, the same shelves. And the same old piles of paper that just keep mounting up. It’s depressing and hardly conducive to productivity. So, it makes sense to refresh your workspace. Give it a makeover. […]


It’s important for start-ups to establish a professional corporate image. The question is, how to accomplish this on a limited budget? Leasing or buying office space is way off budget for most start-ups and there’s also the cost of getting equipment, furniture and all the other peripherals needed to set up an office. And let’s […]