Reasons why the serviced office is a leaner alternative for modern businesses

Not long ago when managed office spaces in Secunderabad became an option, nobody thought they would soon become a primary preference of modern business. Now that they represent fully- customizable, cost-efficient, ready-to-move-in workplaces, it is difficult to consider any other alternative. The global markets today are constantly evolving making time, money, and efforts the key […]

Flexibility – The Need of The Hour for Businesses

The only thing predictable about today’s business scenario is its unpredictability. It is difficult to tell for certain what will happen in the next few weeks or months, let alone make a prediction for the next year or years. Given the uncertain business climate, organisations, both small and big, are faced with the all-important question: […]

Shared Offices – Creating A Buzz

What’s the buzz in the corporate world? An idea called the shared office. It has come about as a result of the new work culture which embraces start-ups, freelancers and professionals – a set of diverse individuals generally working for themselves at their own pace, following their own time schedules. The design of the conventional […]


Many offices utilize precious office space for meeting and conference rooms only to discover that they don’t require them as much as they thought. Like guest rooms in a home, they are under-utilized but still need to be maintained and cared for. If you identify with this scenario, you may need to make a hard decision: rent […]

Serviced Offices – Benefits – Everything is possible

Continuing from… Serviced Offices – Benefits – A valuable alternative for all Business Centers also give the client the flexibility in choosing his own office permutations based on the availability. Some centers even allow customization of the office space they provide, for someone who does not believe in office hierarchy may decide to have all uniform furniture, […]

Serviced Offices – Benefits – A valuable alternative for all

Many types of businesses operate from Serviced Offices or Business Centers as they are more commonly known around the world. Renting a serviced office is not just for Startups, as normally conceived, but also for other medium and large companies. Keeping costs to the minimum… A great deal of organizations nowadays are just starting out, […]

Support Services @ DBS Business Centres

With DBS you get an elegant, fully furnished, staffed and serviced office where you can start working instantly. At DBS you can work out of an instant office from Day One, when you need space quickly. Not just this, you can get a work place in the heart of the city, with support services tailor-made […]